The Columbus Blue Jackets had the 2nd worst record in the NHL this season but slid the draft lottery to the 3rd pick in the draft. Columbus has a lot of issues to address in this draft. This is a mock draft for the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 2023 NHL Draft. Related: Chicago BlackhawksContinue reading “2023 NHL MOCK DRAFTS: COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS”

2021 NHL Draft Grades

The 2021 NHL Draft has come and gone, so I think it would be fitting be grade each teams’ drafts. Detroit Red Wings- A The Detroit Red Wings improved their team drastically with the assets they had in the 2021 draft. Before the draft began, the acquired Nick Leddy for a 2nd round pick, andContinue reading “2021 NHL Draft Grades”

2021 NHL Draft: Columbus Blue Jackets

Before on this blog, I did a mock draft by team, but in that mock draft the draft order wasn’t determined yet so it throws off the picks a bit. So In this mock draft, I will be doing a mock draft with the Columbus Blue Jackets because they have three first round picks thisContinue reading “2021 NHL Draft: Columbus Blue Jackets”