This is a mock draft of the 2022 NHL draft with the Detroit Red Wings, who have 10 picks in the draft, including two picks in the second round and three in the fourth round. They could possibly add even more picks at the draft by trading away some of their valuable assets at theContinue reading “2022 MOCK DRAFT: DETROIT RED WINGS”

2021 NHL Draft Grades

The 2021 NHL Draft has come and gone, so I think it would be fitting be grade each teams’ drafts. Detroit Red Wings- A The Detroit Red Wings improved their team drastically with the assets they had in the 2021 draft. Before the draft began, the acquired Nick Leddy for a 2nd round pick, andContinue reading “2021 NHL Draft Grades”

2021 NHL Draft: Detroit Red Wings Mock Draft

Before on this blog, I did a mock draft by team, but in that mock draft the draft order wasn’t determined yet so it throws off the picks a bit. So In this mock draft, I will be doing a mock draft with the Detroit Red Wings because they should be very active at theContinue reading “2021 NHL Draft: Detroit Red Wings Mock Draft”

Ranking NHL Teams Farm Systems

In this blog, I will be ranking NHL teams Farm Systems in order of Best to Worst. 1. LA Kings The Los Angeles Kings are loaded with high-end prospects, mostly because they have finished near the bottom of the league for 3 straight years.Leading the charge is Quinton Byfield, who was the Kings’ 2nd overallContinue reading “Ranking NHL Teams Farm Systems”