This is a mock draft of the 2022 NHL draft with the Chicago, who have 8 picks in the draft, but none of the picks are in the first round and they don’t have a 4th or 4th round pick either.It is highly possible for Chicago to trade some of their current roster players inContinue reading “2022 MOCK DRAFT: CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS”

2021 NHL Draft: Columbus Blue Jackets

Before on this blog, I did a mock draft by team, but in that mock draft the draft order wasn’t determined yet so it throws off the picks a bit. So In this mock draft, I will be doing a mock draft with the Columbus Blue Jackets because they have three first round picks thisContinue reading “2021 NHL Draft: Columbus Blue Jackets”

Graham Sward

Defense Spokane Chiefs/WHL Height: 6’2″/ Weight: 176 lbs. Size/Strength     GreatSkating       GreatShot/Scoring     AveragePuckhandling   AveragePhysical Play       ExcellentOffensive Play     AverageDefensive Play    ExcellentHockey Sense      ExcellentCompetitiveness  Excellent Strengths 1.  A defensemen whose hard to play against due to his physical play and defensive capabilities.2. A lankyContinue reading “Graham Sward”