2022 Mock Draft: Montreal Canadiens

This is a mock draft of the 2022 NHL draft with only the Montreal Canadiens, who have a total of 14 picks in the draft at the time being, and are likely to add more picks at the draft with them trading away some of their veteran players. Before the 2022 Draft, Montreal Canadiens makeContinue reading “2022 Mock Draft: Montreal Canadiens”


Here are my rankings of the players from 46 to 58 in the 2022 NHL Draft as of April. Related: 2022 NHL Draft Rankings: 33-45 46. Ludwig Persson, C/LW, Frolunda HC J20 (J20 Nationell) Ludwig Persson was once viewed as a potential top 10 pick, but his peers have now caught up with him and heContinue reading “2022 NHL DRAFT RANKINGS: 46-58”