2022 Mock Draft: Montreal Canadiens

This is a mock draft of the 2022 NHL draft with only the Montreal Canadiens, who have a total of 14 picks in the draft at the time being, and are likely to add more picks at the draft with them trading away some of their veteran players.

Before the 2022 Draft, Montreal Canadiens make two trades

Montreal Canadiens trade Jeff Petry to the Seattle Kraken for Carson Soucy, 2nd round pick ’22, 2nd round pick ’22.
Mike Hoffman and Paul Byron are traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets for 3rd round pick ’22, 5th round pick ’23.

Montreal adds two 2nd round picks and one 3rd round pick in the 2022 draft.

At the 2022 draft, the Montreal Canadiens trade picks 26, 64, 94 to the Anaheim Ducks for picks 23, 52.


2022 NHL Draft

1-Shane Wright
23-Frank Nazar
33-Maveric Lamoureux
52-Noah Ostlund
54-Lane Hutson
60-Alexander Suzdalev
65-Filip Nordberg
74-Topi Ronni
90-Miko Matikka
97-Kasper Kulonummi
120-Maxim Barbashev
122-Marcel Marcel
129-Ludvig Jansson
161-Niklas Kokko
193-Charlie Leddy
217-Julian Lutz

Montreal Canadiens draft Shane Wright with the 1st overall pick in the draft; Wright gives the Canadiens a franchise player to build around. With how weak the Canadiens are on offense, Wright will probably be competing for a top 6 role on the team.

After making a trade with the Anaheim Ducks to land the 23rd and 52nd pick, the Canadiens draft Frank Nazar and Noah Ostlund with those picks. Frank Nazar is a pure, goal-scoring forward, capable of playing center and wing, while Noah Ostlund is an undersized but dynamic player, who could be an impact player down the road. Topi Ronni was selected with the 74th pick, he is a solid two-way center, who has good size, and projects well as a third-line center down the road.

Montreal improves the defensive depth in the pipeline with the drafting of Maveric Lamoureux, Lane Hutson, Filip Nordberg, Kasper Kulonummi, Ludvig Jansson, and Charlie Leddy.
At 6’7 and 6’4 respectively, Maveric Lamoreux and Filip Nordberg will add some size on the back end, while Lane Hutson, Kasper Kulonummi, Ludvig Jansson, and Charlie Leddy
project to be a solid puck-moving defenseman down the road.

The Habs also needed to improve their depth on the wings, so they drafted players such as Alexander Suzdalev, Miko Matikka, Maxim Barbashev, Marcel Marcel, and Julian Lutz.
These players will need some time to develop but down the road, they could be players that can work their way into the lineup.

It is never a bad idea to keep a big athletic goaltender with potential in the pipeline, so they went with Finnish goaltender Niklas Kokko in the 6th round.
He may take a few years to be NHL ready, but he has massive potential for being a 6th-round pick.

Outside of Shane Wright, the prospect selected in the draft are at least 2 years away from being NHL ready, which is okay, because Montreal is rebuilding and they aren’t in a rush
to force these prospects to play in the NHL cause it works better for them to stock up on draft picks and load up for the future, and then they can be a real powerhouse down the road.

MTL signs Andrew Copp to a 4 yr deal worth 3.75 million per season


This is how the lineup looks like next season

2022-23 Montreal Canadiens




Top Prospects:
F: F.Nazar, N.Ostlund, A.Suzdalev, T.Ronni M.Matikka, M.Barbashev, M.Marcel, J.Lutz
D: K.Guhle, Maveric Lamoureux, Lane Hutson, Filip Nordberg, Kasper Kulonummi, Ludvig Jansson, Charlie Leddy
G: C.Primeau, N.Kokko


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