2021 NHL Draft-Seattle Kraken Mock Draft

Before on this blog, I did a mock draft by team, but in that mock draft the Seattle Kraken were not included, so i will be doing a mock draft with the Seattle Kraken because the Kraken should be very active at the draft. Expansion Draft Trades: acquire CAR 2022 1st round pick to notContinue reading “2021 NHL Draft-Seattle Kraken Mock Draft”

Daniil Lazutin

Center SKA-Varyagi im. Morozova/MHL Height: 6’2″/ Weight: 174 lbs. Size/Strength     GoodSkating       GreatShot/Scoring      GoodPuckhandling     GreatPhysical Play       AverageOffensive Play      GreatDefensive Play     GoodHockey Sense     GoodCompetitiveness   Good Strengths 1. Lazutin has quick hands that he loves to get creative with; He’s crafty andContinue reading “Daniil Lazutin”