Sean Behrens

Height: 5’9″/ Weight: 174 lbs.
Sean Behrens

Size/Strength     Below Average
Skating       Great
Shot/Scoring     Good
Puckhandling    Great
Physical Play       Average
Offensive Play     Great
Defensive Play    Great
Hockey Sense      Excellent
Competitiveness  Great


1.  Behrens is a great skater, as he has near elite four-way mobility, and is his mobility makes him extremely valuable in transition.
2. He sees the ice incredibly well, and more importantly, makes the right decision 90% of the time.
3. One of the best rush defenders in this draft, and maybe even one of the best in recent draft memory.

Area’s for Improvement

1. He’s a small guy and doesn’t engage in contact much; this could be an issue at the NHL level.
2. His wrist shot from the point is very accurate, but lacks power at this point.

Scouting Report:

Sean Behrens is going to skyrocket up rankings this season. If he weren’t 5’9, he would already be viewed as a top 10 prospect by scouts. This past season, he joined the USNTDP and with U17s, he scored 37 points in 45 games; he also played 6 games with the U18s and registered 3 points in those games. So far in the 2020-21 season, Behrens has tallied 14 points in 15 USHL games with the USNTDP Juniors and 27 points in 31 games with the U18s. Overall, his skating ability is a big plus and has the potential to get even better. Behrens has a pretty slick pair of hands, maintains solid puck control at all times. His passing ability is beyond elite, which when pair with his excellent vision is a lethal combination. He sees the ice incredibly well and makes the right decision most of the time. The way he closes gaps is phenomenal, and the defensive issues usually associated with smaller players certainly do not apply in his situation. His wrist shot from the point is very accurate but lacks power at this point. Because of his lack of size, Behrens doesn’t engage in physical play often, however, this isn’t a big deal because of his skill set. Scouts are divided on Sean Behrens; some love him and have him locked in as a first-round pick, others have him dropping to the second round.


An Two-way defenseman with great vision and mobility.

Style Comparison: Andy Greene

NHL Potential: Top 4 Two-Way Defenseman

Behrens goal
Behrens goal
2019-20U.S. National U17 TeamUSDP45637
2019-20USNTDP JuniorsUSHL31521
2020-21U.S. National U18 TeamUSDP31537
2020-21USNTDP JuniorsUSHL15314
Sean Behrens Stats-Past 2 seasons

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