Nikita Chibrikov

Right Wing
SKA-1946 St. Petersburg/MHL
Height: 5″10″/ Weight: 161 lbs.
Nikita Chibrikov

Size/Strength      Average
Skating       Excellent
Shot/Scoring      Excellent
Puckhandling      Excellent
Physical Play       Great
Offensive Play      Excellent
Defensive Play      Average
Hockey Sense        Excellent
Competitiveness   Excellent


1.  Chibrikov is an excellent skater and is one of the most offensively skilled prospects in the 2021 draft.
2. Sets up and runs the power play along the half boards; he is a threat as both a shooter and passer when set up on the half wall.
3. His vision is fantastic and processes the game so quickly that he nearly always knows what he’s going to do with the puck before he gets it.

Area’s for Improvement

1. Needs to improve on his defensive zone consistency.
2. He is an undersized player.

Scouting Report:

Nikita Chibrikov is one of the most exciting and dynamic prospects in the 2021 draft class. Chibrikov started this season in the MHL and has since been called up and split time between the KHL and MHL. His team, SKA, is the wealthiest program in the KHL; the fact that they are playing a 17-year-old on their team is already a glowing endorsement of his skill level. Chibrikov is an elite skater; his quickness, edge work, and lightning speed are everything a team can ask for in a scoring forward and is the foundation of his game. Nikita has a fluid style to the way he handles the puck; he always has the puck in a position to distribute or get a quick shot off. Chibrikov has a pretty dangerous release on his wrist shot; he can get it off very quickly. Nikita uses his excellent vision and hockey sense to make quick plays; this has turned into his bread and butter, and he also has the passing ability to execute them with consistency. Despite his small stature, he is really strong on his skates and doesn’t shy away from contact. However, his physical game is only really effective when he’s moving quickly. Chibrikov can be an elite defensive disruptor but sometimes disappears when his team doesn’t have the puck. Nikita Chibrikov is very highly regarded by Russian coaches and should be the top Russian Prospect off the board in the 2021 Draft. Due to the Russian factor and him being undersized, it is very likely he will be a second-round pick.


A Highly-Talented Winger, with excellent Skating, vision, and a dangerous shot.

Style Comparison: Nikita Kucherov

NHL Potential: Elite Point-Scoring Winger

Nikita Chibrikov First KHL Goal
2018-19Dynamo Moskva U18Russia U187815
2019-20MHL Dynamo MoskvaMHL32316
2020-21SKA-1946 St. PetersburgMHL938
Nikita Chibrikov Stats-Last 3 seasons

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