Jesper Wallstedt

Luleå HF/SHL
Height: 6’3″/ Weight: 212 lbs.
Jesper Wallstedt

Size/Strength       Excellent
Skating       Great
Anticipation       Excellent
Positioning       Excellent
Rebound Control   Great
Glove Hand      Good
Poise       Excellent
Hockey Sense         Excellent
Consistency    Excellent


1. Excellent net coverage, plays with confidence and poise; he is a difference maker in many games
2. Big 6’3″ goalie, that is athletic and has tremendous lateral quickness
3.  Tracks the puck incredibly well and his rebound control is very good for his age

Area’s For Improvement

  1. Although his rebound control is good, he will need to work on steering the pucks into the corners and away from opposing players crashing the net.
  2. Has to learn to how to cover up his rebounds he does give up.

Scouting Report:

In the 2019-20 season, Wallstedt became the youngest goalie to ever play in the SHL and impressed in his debut; he has the potential to take over games from the crease. Wallstedt has the size and skill of an elite goaltending prospect, and his technical game is well ahead of his age group. You’ll rarely catch him out of position in his net. Wallstedt is an athletic goaltender that remains extremely composed no matter the situation and always seems very relaxed and poised in his net. His lateral movement is elite; he remains tight to his post when he needs to be; this gives him the ability to push off and be in exactly the right position. He is excellent in his angles and remaining square to the shooter; his rebound control is also incredible for his age. There is no doubt the Jesper Wallstedt is the best goalie prospect in the 2021 NHL Draft; with the way he has been playing so far this season, he is making the case to be selected number 1 overall.


Prototype NHL Goalie, big Frame Goalie with a lethal combination of size, hockey sense, and mobility

Style Comparison: Andrei Vasilevskiy

NHL Potential: Franchise Goalie

Jesper Wallstedt Game Highlights vs HC Orebro
2018-19Luleå HF J20J20 SuperElit212.65.901
2019-20Luleå HF J20J20 SuperElit282.53.923
2020-21Luleå HFSHL962.06.920
Wallstedt stats the past 3 seasons

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