This is a mock draft of the 2022 NHL draft with the Ottawa Senators, who have 10 picks in the draft, including 2 second-round picks, 3 third-round picks, and 4 fifth-round picks. It is highly possible for Ottawa to trade some of their current roster players in order to add some picks at the draft.Continue reading “2022 MOCK DRAFT: OTTAWA SENATORS”

2022 NHL Draft Rankings: TOP 5 GOALIES

Here are my rankings of the top 5 goalies in the 2022 NHL Draft Related: 2022 NHL Draft Rankings: #46-58 1. Tyler Brennan, Prince Geroge Cougars (WHL) Tyler Brennan is the Top ranked Goalie in the 2022 NHL; he is a large, composed netminder with accurate and controlled lateral movements, great reflexes, and post coverage.Continue reading “2022 NHL Draft Rankings: TOP 5 GOALIES”