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Marco Kasper is a talented, Austrian-born center, who is currently playing for Rogle BK in the SHL. He’s a big, powerful center that is really starting to hit his stride in the 3rd best Pro League in the World. Kasper played wing on Austria’s top line at the 2021 U20 WJC and has the potential to be a first-round pick in the 2022 NHL Draft.

Size/Strength Great
Skating Great
Shot/Scoring Good
Puckhandling Excellent
Physical Play Good
Offensive Play Great
Defensive Play Average
Hockey Sense Good
Competitiveness Good


  1. Big play-making Center with soft hands.
  2. On the power play, he sets up on the right half-wall similar to Patrick Kane.
  3. Strong skater who plays with pro pace, plays on the interior and makes plays all over the ice.

Areas of Improvement

  1. Making high level plays with less time and space.
  2. Does not have game breaking ability, finishing or creativity.

Scouting Report:

Marco Kasper is a big, power center who is playing his second year in Sweden and his first full year in the SHL. He has some power in his game, being able to take pucks to the net; Marco does a great job making himself available by finding open ice, and the puck always seems to find him in front of the net. Kasper also is capable of being a great playmaker as well, especially on the powerplay. At the current moment, Kasper is not a scoring threat, but he could work on it and become one of the best all-around players from this draft. Kasper is comparable to Brad Marchand, in the sense that both love play like a power forward and aren’t shy about taking the puck to the net. Marchand took a few seasons before turning into the star player he is now, so it’s very possible that Kasper could also take a few years before he is
a top 6 caliber player in the NHL. While Kasper is not projected to be elite at anything, neither was Marchand, so if he puts in the work, he could turn into one of the best all-around players in the league. Marco Kasper should be a first-round pick in the 2022 draft; the question is
when in the first round he goes.

Skill: big, power center, with great playmaking and willingness to take the puck to the net

NHL Comparison: Brad Marchand

NHL Potential: Top 6 Forward

Marco Kasper Highlights
2020-21Rogle BK J18J18 Region738
Rogle BK J20J20 Nationell622
2021-22Rogle BKSHL1746
Austria (all)International324
Marco Kasper Stats-past 2 years

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