Right Wing
Metallurg Magnitogorsk/KHL

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Danila Yurov has the talent to be a top 10 pick in the 2022 draft, but due to the Russian factor, he may slide a bit in the draft. Yurov is a dynamic, offensive talent, with strong skating ability, and is great at reading the ice to find open ice. His lethal combination of size, strength, skating abiility, and puck skills make him a highly coveted prospect.

Size/Strength Great
Skating Excellent
Shot/Scoring Great
Puckhandling Great
Physical Play Good
Offensive Play Excellent
Defensive Play Average
Hockey Sense Excellent
Competitiveness Good


  1. Has strong skating ability, proficient at reading the ice to find open space and then attacking it.
  2. Has a nice Blend of skill, strength, and shooting ability.
  3. Strong on the puck, and is tough to handle when given space to rush down the wing.

Areas of Improvement

  1. Is an average defensive player.
  2. May need time to adjust to playing in North America.

Scouting Report

Danila Yurov has excellent vision and hockey sense. He controls the play in the cycle game and protects it along the boards. This allows him to find open teammates and set up scoring chances. Danila is an excellent skater and has an extremely high skill level, he can beat defenders with ease and he’s a competitive two-way player who can win battles and kill penalties. Yurov has completely dominated the junior levels in Russia and also put up
over a point per game in the MHL, but to this point in his career he hasn’t been as productive at the KHL level. Yurov is comparable to Elias Pettersson, who also is a dynamic scorer, with incredible vision and hockey sense. Danila Yurov has the talent to be a perennial 20-30 goal scorer, but due to the Russian factor, I would not be surprised if he slid outside of the top 15 in next years’ draft.

Skill: A Strong, Dynamic winger, with strong skating, and great vision

NHL Comparison: Elias Pettersson

NHL Potential: 1st Line Winger

2019-20Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk MHL18613
Russia U17WHC-17628
2020-21Stalnye Lisy MagnitogorskMHL231325
Russia U18WJC-187411
2021-22Metallurg MagnitogorskKHL900
Danila Yurov-Past 3 years
Danila Yurov Highlights
2020-21 MHL Highlights

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